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13 Apr

I’ve moved to a new home! If you enjoy 77+love please come visit my new site

See you there!


{Colorful bedding}

29 Mar

Loving this festive springtime inspired bedding from Bloomingdales.

I’ve always loved the idea of having lots of pretty pillows to decorate your bed. Fabulous bedding can really make your bedroom all the more stylish. I also like the idea of switching up your bedding based on the season. Fall/winter and spring/summer. What do you think? Do you have seasonal bedding?



{Decorate with stencils}

28 Mar

Can you believe these are wall stencils? I love interior wall patterns but haven’t been able to try it out yet. Perhaps I can experiment and wall stencil a little part of our apartment first. Royal Design Studios have a great How-To on basic stenciling techniques.

{Photo booth pictures}

28 Mar

Photo booths are incredibly entertaining! XP and I had a photo booth at our wedding in the states. Tons of awesome photos were taken that night that captured all the fun and merriment our family and guests had. I recommend having one to all the couples out there planning a wedding. It’s a great way to entertain your guests and capture priceless memories at your wedding reception. Set aside some money in your budget to have it because it can cost a pretty penny but trust me, it’s worth it.

Here’s me with some of my best friends. We love taking pictures. What do you think? Do you want a photo booth for your next fabulous event?


{Love wildly misunderstood}

27 Mar

Happy Sunday friends! Hope you’re having as lovely of a weekend as I am. Had a lazy saturday afternoon staying in away from the cold here in Beijing but Sunday rolled around and it was sunny and bright outside! Everyone was out today celebrating the awesome weather. Bought a basic black dress today from Mango and had a sushi date night with XP. What did you do this weekend? How is the weather elsewhere?

{A mustache bash}

24 Mar

Found these cute mustache inspired invitations. They originally caught my eye because they remind me of my younger sister Ling Ling. Not that she has a mustache or anything like that. She’s a goofball and likes to draw them on her side of her fingers and hold them up to her nose and pretend she has a mustache. Just one of her many hilarious shenanigans.

These are pretty cute as bachelor party invites. This would be a great DIY. Wouldn’t it be cute if there were an actual fake mustache attached instead of just a printed one?

You can find these lovely mustache invites here, here and here.

{Monsieur & madame}

24 Mar

I’m liking this fancy bathroom. I think it’s the pink towels and the chandelier that get me.

I’m loving the bathtub with the big mirror leaning against the wall. Perhaps instead of “Monsieur & Madame” bath rugs they could say “Angel & Xiaopeng”. Ummmm anyone know where I can find a custom item like that?

Photos: House beautiful

{Lovely bridal flats}

22 Mar

I searched a long long time for my bridal shoes. There are so many gorgeous wedding shoes out there these days but my requirements made it a little harder to find the perfect pair. The biggest deal breaker? They had to be flats. My wonderful husband XP is a little bit on the shorter side so while I would have loved to have tall 4 in. heels, I’m glad I didn’t because my feet wouldn’t have been able to make it through all that dancing we did that night. Luckily for me, Badgley Mischka designed these beautiful white bridal flats. Featuring  a crystal ornament set in pink gold with tulle overlay, I saw them and fell in love. My feet were beautiful and comfy on my big day.

P.S. they’re on sale right now. Victor Sizemore

{Funky & fabulous: lighting}

21 Mar

Lighting design is so fun these days. You can definitely brighten up your home without even turning on the light with this rainbow colored lamp.

Love this crazy zig-zag wooden lamp.

“Um, isn’t it kind of dangerous to have a spiky piece of medal hanging from the ceiling?” Nonetheless, this modern geometric chandelier is funky and fabulous.

Images: House to Home

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