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{Yummy cupcakes}

30 Mar

Oh how I love cupcakes. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, I like them all!

There’s this great place that’s on 2nd street in Long Beach, CA that has the most delicious cupcakes. My personal favorite is their red velvet with cream cheese frosting. They always have a flavor of the month that’s always a special recipe. When I crave cupcakes, I crave Frosted. I had a dozen different flavors once for my birthday and they were divine. They’re great for events/parties or just to have on a wednesday afternoon when your sweet tooth is calling. I always make a stop at Frosted when I go back to California to visit. I wish they had one here in Beijing. What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?


{Too pretty to eat}

23 Mar

Look at all the delicate textures, pleats and folds of these cakes by Maggie Austin. So, so pretty! I especially love the one on the bottom left corner. So, so romantic.

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